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and you're going to hear all kinds of people starting with john boehner say you raise the minimum wage, it is going to cost jobs because people will have to lay a lot of people off or fire people. that's absolutely not true. every study for the last 50 years has proven that is not true. all that means is republicans who say that don't give a damn about working class americans. raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do! congress ought to do it. just like george w. bush did.
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>> hello current t.v. land. the marco rubio thing, once we get a comedy bingy it's fun. >> he drank, he snacked exercised, and drank again. it was cute. he made fun of it all the way through. >> we're not doing anything. we'll wait until you're done. >> the president spoke for an hour. he didn't take a drink once. >> not once. because he is superman. jacki sheckner in the current news center. >> president obama's going to travel to georgia today to talk about another part of his state of the union address guaranteed high quality preschool education. he's visiting a prek. class and then going to the decatur community recreation center to give some remarks.
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later, he is back in washington where he's going to hold an on line fireside hangout to talk more about the state of the union. it will be steramed live on on you tube. rubio said this about his own humble lifestyle. >> i still live in the same working class neighborhood i grew up in. my neighbors aren't millionaires, they're retirees who depend on social security and medicare. >> politico reports as rubio's west miami working class neighborhood, his home is up for sale for $675,000. now, in case you think maybe the home just appreciated a lot in the last few years, the rubes bought the house for $550,000 in 2005 according the a miami her
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and would report in january. he is reportedly looking to move to washington, d.c. he is looking to turn this awkward mid speech sip of water into a money making opportunity. his reclaim america pack is now selling rubio branded water bottles for $25 a pop. in his emails to supporters, the pac said his message was too liberal and inspiring and that's why the liberals are focusing on the water and not the rubio message. we're back with more after the break. stay with us. very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie
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miller show." ♪ ♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the number, toll free from anywhere. happy valentine's day everybody. >> i'm wearing red. stephanie: happy valentine's -- yeah me, too because i'm so excited. ♪ stephanie: jim the only one here married with anybody. >> i have two cats. >> nancy and fred. do you know how to say hello valentine's day to me? buy a ticket to chicago's sexy
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liberal tour. do it, it's the only midwest show he this year. that's it. >> that's right. stephanie: there's going to be a west coast show. that's it. it's the only way to say i love you today. >> let's hear it for all the single losers. ♪ ♪ >> put a ring on it. [ laughter ] stephanie: chris and i neglected to do that, sadly. >> must have done it twice. you know, shows how did you mean i am. stephanie: you really believe in love. [ laughter ] stephanie: it's just a stupid manufactured holiday. stupid manufactured holiday to feel bad.
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>> it's also fred douglas's manufactured birthday. stephanie: manufactured to make you feel mad. i'm done with everybody newspaper and magazine. >> just like steph if the referral box. stephanie: thank you that will cheer me up. [ laughter ] stephanie: before we do right wing world because we're helpers, just because i don't have love doesn't mean i don't want my right wing friends to find it. >> i created tea party harmony the only site with the patented 19 dimensions of douche dory, where you're guaranteed to find someone as narrow minded as you. >> we both know obama was born in hawaii. >> i don't like taxes. >> i'm afraid of brown people. >> don't tread on me. >> i found out he cave likes it. >> find the one person who is going to love you passionately
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for the tea party gun-toting nut you really are. review your compatible wing nut for free. stephanie: we love you. >> sounds like your guy dr. neil patrick harris. stephanie: it is not! >> tyson. >> neil armstrong. stephanie: you know who loved me if only i'd book him every week. >> karl. stephanie: karl frisch. ♪ stephanie: hello, karl frisch. >> happy valentine's day. do you have any idea how difficult it is to destroy the institution of marriage when you're not in a relationship. stephanie: we're trying. we're trying over here. all right. so karl frisch, i mean the marco rubio stuff the comedy gift that keeps on giving, right? >> it certainly gives something although, you know, prop humor
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is not lending itself very well to people who only can communicate over the phone. i saw it, should i get some springs, should i gargle, none of that would have played. stephanie: you have two of my favorite treats, 99 bottlings of water on a set take one down, ruin your career, 98 bottles of water. also rubio ours is a party of smaller ideas smaller minds and even tinier water bottles. >> he couldn't reach it, because it was so small. i actually, i got accused of creating a fake tweet from bobby jindal that night in which he said you the that i was bad at least i came hydrated. [ laughter ] >> that's worthy of a glug.
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stephanie: i like for the panicked look the camera. >> time magazine called him the republican savior. the second he came into contact with that little glass of water if that were true, it would have turned into wine. stephanie: i said he looked like that frightened squirrel. >> we posted two versions of that. stephanie: he looks like that squirrel that pops into every shot startled to be on the camera how off message he is, if this is g. oh o.p.4.0 or 6.9 there was not a single element of new in his speech. stephanie: no. everybody played the clips of romney side by side. it's the exact same thing. he almost literally said word for word the same policy ideas. >> right. that comes down to if rubio
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wants to run in 2016, he can't be new he has to run to the republican base, the crazy old white as it ever was. stephanie: i was flashing back to paul ryan, when he was getting his ass kicked by joe biden. that's when he exposed how young and inexperienced he is. can you imagine him debating hillary? >> the time -- when stuff happens, and then i -- stephanie: right also a lot of resemblance to winonna rider when she was caught on the video camera. a startled fawn. huh? >> he looked like he, you know, his mouth was drier than the dessert. he grabbed the water. there was not anything good in the performance or message. stephanie: exactly. you said lots of gun nuts threatening the president
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tonight. >> really? >> there was a young guy working for david shuster whos bringing to everybody's attention people threatening the president if you take my gun i'll give you my gun and you won't like it. the secret service was notified. i don't know if they're reading the retweets or what not. >> they know where they live. >> yeah, and that's the truly sick part. and it's the fox news folks that stoke these people that the president's coming to take their guns. >> no one wants to take your guns away until you threaten the president. >> it's a quick way to get it done. they're all afraid of the government having a big list of gun owners. you know who has a big list of gun owners? the n.r.a. for a nickel a name, they'll sell it to you. stephanie: indicate obe chain. >> marco rubio scares the left
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more than just about anybody out there. instead of talking about that really intense moment when rubio was able to identify with the american people and say look, i don't live next to mill ayres i live in the same neighborhood i grew up in, i just paid off over $100,000 in student loans a few months ago that is the raft thing the leftists and mainstream media want the american people to be talking about, so they pick out something stupid like a drink of water. >> speaking of stupid, look in the mirror. stephanie: isn't his house worth $700,000, he wants to sell it to get out of that neighborhood. >> it's not the left that is afraid of more brown people coming to this country. stephanie: right. >> ok? if anything, it's the left that wants more brown people to be accepted and integrated into our society regardless of affiliation. we're actually fighting to looper marco rubes. stephanie: we're trying to,
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right, allow more brown people that are really bad speaker like marco rubio and bobby jindal praising social security and medicare, what? oh it's different when my parents use it. stephanie: that was whiplashy. >> it was like paul ryan talking about medicare and his mom, or the fact that he got through college with social security benefits, that he didn't end up using. stephanie: yeah. >> yeah, i mean are we surprised this is hypocrisy here? no. stephanie: she's right, we are ascared of rubio especially now. please don't run him. [ laughter ] >> for people on the right that don't understand irony that means yes please do run him. stephanie: talk, karl. >> o'reilly. >> do democrats think we're stupid? and they might be right. obama is an honest man in the sense that he has never denied
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that he wants to create a huge government and spend trillions of dollarsen oh entitlements. americans reelected him despite all the warnings about fiscal irresponsibility. now the country is invested in mr. obama for another term, let the tax money flow. >> ok. stephanie: he used the worth c. oh lossas several times. >> to him that's an s.a.t. word. stephanie: o'reilly. >> possibly bad for small businesses, who have to pay higher wages. >> are we going to get real growth and new jobs created by this increase in government spending, paid for by higher taxes? stephanie: yes according to most studies. >> because they will have money to spend. >> when you increase the amount
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of money hourly wage workers making, they put it into the economy. when you put the money that extremely wealthy people are hoarding on wall street, you don't do anything. stephanie: right. 17 minutes after the hour. it's the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
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which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪
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stephanie: that turns on everybody, the love machine. i'll call my own wambulanco! nobody touch me. karl frisch in the side car to continue right wing world. mark levin what bigger valentine could i get? >> i would say to the president why do you keep lying to the american people? a castro like speech last night although in english lie after lie after lie. your record stinks. 23 million people are unemployed, real unemployment's almost 15%. you didn't say anything in this in your long speech last night. the economy actually shrank. nearly 25 cents of every dollar is taken by the federal government. he didn't say any of this, because it's embarrassing, it's a disaster.
6:25 am
>> that's why he won reelection in a landslide because it's a disaster. >> historically low tax rates historically high corporate profits. unemployment down. all right whatever. >> up, down, whatever. >> if you talk through the very top of your nasal passage the world has a completely different view. >> that's true. when you start casting like stephanie miller. stephanie: thank you. martha maccallum. >> listen, that 102-year-old woman should not be on line. stephanie: why not? >> what's the big deal? she was happy she wayed on line, she was happy that she was there to vote. i mean, this is -- >> what is she a victim of? ashes on the bottom of her feet. stephanie: she has what? >> lashes. stephanie: oh, wow.
6:26 am
>> a slavery joke. >> she was happy to way in line for seven hours. stephanie: yes. >> what's the big deal? >> some personalities wait in line six hours before they are allowed to host their shows. >> i don't see fox personalities taking off because they have long lines at their polling places. stephanie: unbelievable. >> in their white neighborhoods they don't have long lines. >> at the same time, make it difficult to vote early or by mail. stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> through you history dictators, for example have never really been blamed for the bad things that happened in their countries hitler, stalin, mao, castro, none blamed by the rank and file citizenry. they were instead the leaders of the revolution. they were the great figures trying to change all the evil that was happening to everybody.
6:27 am
here's obama. >> so hitler, castro, obama. stephanie: right. >> i don't know if russia's just never -- you would think that he's been to germany. it looks like he eats a lot of cheese, so in germany they in fact view hitler with such disdain that all types of freedom of expression relating to hit her and nazis are banned. they don't take it seriously yeah. [ laughter ] >> the primary victims of hitler were german, by the way. >> really quick. i want everybody out there to know, and this is true, you can google i marco rubio is a huge fan of hiphop music. if you watch his speech again knowing that and think of him at m.c. rubio, then you'll have a completely different view of him going forward. >> was he doing the ducky? that's what that was. he was doing the dougy.
6:28 am
>> what you missed is underneath the camera, he was pouring out water for his homies and tea party that lost in 2012. stephanie: that's what was happening up in there. >> he was tapping his booze that's what he was doing. stephanie: thank you honey we'll see you next week. bye. [ applause ] stephanie: you know how bubble gum ray i am. >> yes, you are. stephanie: i don't like the actual rap. now and again, one of my old lady stations are playing a commercial like k. big and the coast, when they're in commercial, i go on down to the kiss, where the kids are listening to and the rap. i did that the other day. no that's not me. >> kiss doesn't may rap. stephanie: this was ray whatever it was. >> no, no, you need to go up to power, power 106 for real stuff trust me, it was rap. i was getting down to the beat. the subject matter was so
6:29 am
depressing that i couldn't -- too happy clappy. >> if you were getting down to the beat, it wasn't really ropey. >> kids getting shot in a drive by and every verse, something worse happened. i was like no, no. i like when the worst thing that happens is the food's bad. the real life is not for me. i listen for a few verses and then it's like no! no! oh no! what happened? no. ♪ ♪ >> this isn't rap. that was never rap. stephanie: that was vanilla rap. >> that was never rap. stephanie: i don't listen. i don't like bad news, even set to music. >> you are also showing your age when you call it rap. stephanie: i'm old single, loser, dinosaur. what's your point?
6:30 am
boom sh had akal a. ka. let's go to ann in buffalo. welcome. caller: hi, stephanie. i got two things for marco rubio. stephanie: yes. caller: one, just between spanish and the flush, it dawns on him he's ruining any chance for any presidential election. stephanie: i think that look to camera was he knew how bad it was, right? caller: well, and then two, and this is everybody's missing it, that was product placement. what are you nuts? stephanie: i was going to say i wonder who is paying him. >> turn the label to front! stephanie: like oh oh! go ahead. caller: i've got to go to work. stephanie: all right. you run along poor person. >> so is time magazine going to pull its cover? he's not the savior of the
6:31 am
republican party. stephanie: he should have been walking on water walking on a ton of poland spring. 29 minutes after the hour. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i'm living the live of a princess here. why would i care about
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valentine's day? >> i guess i -- >> you better be looking for a 24 hour florist mister. stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show" welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the known number toll free. whatever. john in tulsa your on the "stephanie miller show." hi john, welcome. hello, john! caller: stephanie? stephanie: yes, sir. caller: i just saw marsha blackburn on chuck todd, and it just drives me up a call when these guys talk to republicans the republicans say the things and then of course the interviewer doesn't turn around and say oh, you're for saving medicare. that means that you want employers to be forced by the government to collect money send it to the government, and have them redistribute it to whoever they think they need to. is that right?
6:37 am
stephanie: they don't ask the tough questions. i don't know what's happened to the chuck todd. caller: my wife is convinced he is trying to protect his salary and if he annoyed some republicans, they might fire him. stephanie: he must get the same miami david gregory gets about not appearing to be too liberal and being too easy on the republicans. oh oh, here, i was going to say. ♪ world news tonight music ♪ stephanie: a response to the state of the union at the national convention of the wild turkey federation. i assume the bird, thought the liquor. >> a turkey? stephanie: i assume the thing that you can kill, not the -- i don't know. the n.r.a. announced the speech are be carried live on the sportsman channel. >> there's a sportsman channel?
6:38 am
stephanie: tommy in columbus said i don't give a crap what you want to say. if you can't change after newtown, sending out deadly rounds at 3,200 feet per second and was designed to give the fire power of five men -- thank you. and some other expletive. >> the guy wanted white ribbons distributed for the gun owners who are being wrongly blamed. they're the real victims. stephanie: yes who can't agree on that? stephanie: the right to own an arsenal because you're ashamed of your pinky. who received the right of little kids to be shot in the. stephanie: they're jealous that they're not hung like that dog that won the westminster show. the ba in a if a came from somewhere. >> oh, my god!
6:39 am
stephanie: the n.r.a. by the way. >> she's do dogs in ways we didn't suspect. stephanie: the n.r.a. responded to the connecticut effect cob troves, the guy caught on tape saying wait until the connect coat effect is over. n.r.a. lobbyist bob welch said the organization will wait for the effect to subside before pushing gun laws. the n.r.a. is disavowing connects to him. senator richard blumenthal among others are asking for an apology. they are obviously trying to distance themselves from that, but there is a connection, just f.y.i., he is a registered n.r.a. lobbyist.
6:40 am
>> that's right. stephanie: senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell slammed president obama's state of the union speech as another retread of lip speech and liberalism. that must have been tough for him to say. [ mumbling ] stephanie: another retread of lip service and liberalism. for a democratic president entering his second term, it was simply unequal to the moment. [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] stephanie: ok. and one more. >> oh. >> ok, mitch mcconnell yesterday, here he is. >> last night the president offers -- last night's speech was pedestrian, liberal boiler plate that any democratic lawmaker could have given at any time in recent memory. [ mumbling ] stephanie: thank you. all right.
6:41 am
tanya in washington state you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi. caller: hi, how are you? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i want to say a couple of things to you directly. stephanie: all right. caller: ok number one, don't be so down on yourself. you are about the prettiest thing i think i've ever seen. [ laughter ] stephanie: ok, thank you. caller: and i love the way you flip your hair. stephanie: in that marlow thomas kind of way? caller: yeah, the flip the hair thing and purring thing that you do. [ purring ] caller: don't say anything bad about yourself, other people only. stephanie: oh oh! ing oh. [ laughter ] caller: love you. stephanie: thank you, i love you to. that was magical. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] stephanie: let's go to al in buffalo. caller: hello. what does it say about the republican party after they blew the banks in 2008 what does it say about them when they
6:42 am
put michele bachmann on the intelligence committee as a freshman senator. the republican party basically views our government as one big joke and people should be outraged. stephanie: yeah. caller: people should be taking to the streets. stephanie: the good thing about the marco rubio is we got to see the old tape of michele bachmann giving the state of the union address to the wrong camera. she did the whole thing to it. she didn't self correct. >> and nobody corrected her. nobody was looking at a monitor. stephanie: do you see they made the same mistake again as rand paul. he was off center. and there was somebody checking it beforehand. the tea party can't even get it together to have them look directly into a camera. >> but his toupee was looking at the camera. stephanie: right that was dead on. tim from florida you'ren oh the "stephanie miller show." hi tim. caller: love your show and i agree with the lady there, you are beautiful. stephanie: thank you.
6:43 am
[ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] stephanie: everybody is making me feel better for valentine's. caller: i've got a question. i was listening to the fox miss information program to hear what the crazies are saying and they are saying obama made the sequester, he's the one that put it in. i can't find anything on it. stephanie: they all voted for it, both sides agreed to it, the president and -- they tried to as something that would, you know would encourage both sides to come to a deal, but it's hilarious and now of course the republicans as usual will obstruct everything and blame the president. what's that? caller: i always thought it was the republicans that did it. stephanie: they voted for it. caller: who brought it up? stephanie: they both did both sides, let's do this to avert this from happening in the future. but the republicans are as usual acting as douches. how is the hash tag thing going?
6:44 am
like most right wing social medias, it died a sad little death. >> a death because nobody paid attention. sorry, what? stephanie: you just picture them say, that's catchy. i think they say things like that. >> huh? stephanie: then they all laugh. they're like ha! >> it hangs there in space like a single light bulb, like a monolith. stephanie: allen in gary, indiana. caller: hi there. i wanted to pick up with what your previous caller just said, both sides voted for that bill and the president signed it, but really what's more important where do we go from here? both sides have got to work together on this thing. stephanie: yeah. >> ok? stephanie: the president said as much in the state of the union. the other side is apparently immune to elections.
6:45 am
they just continue with the same arguments they just you lost on 90 mumbling ] >> lip service. stephanie: john in san francisco has a cure for my insomnia. jim ward should do the next republican rebuttal useless side effects include turning the speech into a sweat free four hours as an act to put am been out of business, reducing health care costs and steph willed to off in no time. [ applause ] stephanie: hmm. >> president he is spousing typical liberal. [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] stephanie: ron in illinois. hello, ron. caller: how are you doing stephanie, can you hear me? >> yes, go ahead. why does everyone ask me that? is it my age. caller: no, it's not your age.
6:46 am
what i wanted to talk about was firearms. i've actually done both of these situations and i wanted to mention a hole really in the background trip check system, specifically in illinois. in-state firearm transfers from one person out of state you actually have to send the gun to the dealer, and that other person has to go through a background check and then they get the firearms. now, when you do in-state transfers from one person to another, there is no background check system. it's basically to protect myself as a gun owner, i would have to, you know and this is what i've dub, you create a document that has that person's name, the serial number of the weapon. i think social security number, pie name, social security number, get them signed by both persons. i've always had it notarized to just make sure that it's a legal document, and then you transfer the firearm but there's no
6:47 am
background check system. stephanie: yep. >> in-state, to in-state. stephanie: yeah. caller: it's something i've talked about. stephanie: we were taking when 80% of all gun crime, you know, it happens, you know, because of guns were gotten with no background checks. there's a problem obviously with the system. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: red, white and steph, it's the the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪ >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way
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inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. america now: current television. >>join the debate now. ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i didn't know there were seven letters in the word love. prove your looooove. all love songs today. stephanie: anyone into taylor danes and the westminster? no? fifty minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2, the toll free number anywhere. >> did you see banana joe rang the bell? punxsutawney phil. stephanie: there was the most handsome looks just like matt, just saying. ok. his name is berren. >> baron. stephanie: no, not baren like
6:53 am
me. do you know what i got for valentine's day? right, right right yeah. >> now on the phone from chicago. ♪ stephanie: good morning mary. happy value will not tines day. caller: happy valentine's day. stephanie: are you sure you don't want to go gay for me? caller: no, in that, no. i just want to say you keep making fun of rubio with the water thing. stephanie: right, it was hilarious, right? caller: right. what about the annointed one drinking water ok. stephanie: he walks on water the annointed one. caller: what about hillary clinton? she's sitting there with benghazi drinking water but no, your media and the leftwing media don't say a word. why didn't he bring up --
6:54 am
because everything he said was lies. stephanie: you mean rubio he had to put out the fire in his soul. caller: he's a liar. the nose get longer and longer. stephanie: the president and hillary's water drinking wasn't so dork. caller: there's so many things in this country that you're worried about water. >> because that was the most awkward moment, funnyism the most awkward moment was for the annointed one being up there giving a speech. stephanie: he's required to by the constitution. it's the state of the union. caller: no, no, no, his little teleprompter. stephanie: he's the first president to ever use the teleprompter. caller: exactly because he doesn't know how to read. stephanie: he was. he was reading the teleprompter. >> he's written a book, too, you know probably wrote it in
6:55 am
kenyan. caller: why don't they get to the real facts, you know, that this guy. stephanie: which lie let's pick one. caller: to egypt, he sent 16 fighters to the muslim brotherhood in egypt. our tanks ok, these people are terrorists. stephanie: mar, what are you and mr. mary doing for valentine's day. caller: don't get off the subject. stephanie: i just want at that what you're doing. >> it's her show. caller: you know what, we're taking our dog and we're just skipping up and down the sidewalk. >> that sounds fun. stephanie: you have a scotty named what's his name? he's handsome and row map particular. caller: yes he is. i'm kind of disappointed at the dog, he's cute and everything, that won at westminster. to me, he looks like a monkey dog. >> that's exactly what he is. caller: he resembles somebody a
6:56 am
lot, too and i'm not going to say. stephanie: mary. >> you had to get racist on it. caller: the portuguese water dog won his class. gee. i wonder why. stephanie: oh, because the president has a portuguese water dog. caller: when he's out of office, i feel bad for that dog. they know nothing about that breed. stephanie: how do you even know that? caller: because they -- please. they know nothing. every time you see that poor dog, he's on a leash. stephanie: hardly anyone has their dog on a leash. caller: you never mention poor barney dying. stephanie: i didn't -- i feel bad about barney dying. caller: yeah, yeah, he was the most loved dog in the white house. stephanie: and the president and his family don't love bo, is that what you're saying? caller: they never bring the poor dog up. stephanie: how do you know? caller: well, you know what? every time i see that poor dog
6:57 am
he's got a did you mean founded look on his face like where am i. stephanie: he probably doesn't speak kenyan, he's probably confused. mary, happy valentine's day. have fun skipping up and down the sidewalk there on wacker. stephanie: i think she was being sarcastic. i don't think she's going to be skipping up and down the sidewalk with the dog. that's like being hit with a right wing stun gun. >> he uses a teleprompter. not like that genius president george -- the president looks like an ape dog. stephanie: do you think she talks in that tone of voice to her husband. you know what, pass the gravy and shut up. give the dog another snausage. hello, how are you?
6:58 am
caller: i called a couple of weeks back. yesterday i could have come through the radio airwaves, just kind of caused me irk. i dream a lot of what you say with gun regulations and restrictions and oversight this kind of stuff is totally sensible. when you let somebody say something like firearm ownership has never been for the private citizen. it's designed -- stephanie: wait, what does he say. caller: -- the house said no way was the second amendment designed for private gun ownership, it was to call up the militia, blah blah blah. that was an error. people have owned private firearms. stephanie: what does a well regulated militia mean, then? caller: it means exactly what it says, and that people were called up into the service and that is what it was intended for.
6:59 am
it means what it says. it also says the right of the people to keep and bear arms alcohol not be infringed. >> that's not separate. stephanie: for instance, somebody was just talking about these weapons were designed in world war ii, the assault weapons. how come in that era, people didn't have those in the united states? i mean, soldiers had them in the army, but there weren't oh owe oh he we weren't having this level of gun violence then, were we? caller: as a matter of fact, the m-1, our assault rifle at the time was completely for sale. the raddison act they used to keep them and take them home. they were allowed to take the 45 home. stephanie: why do you think we didn't have the level of military assault weapon massacres that we're having now? caller: well, i believe it's because we have a country that's completely -- we have so many groups and such a bizarre culture right now but that's a long issue.
7:00 am
the m-16 bullet which the guy said was 3200 feet per second, created in world war ii, no, it wasn't, it was actually -- stephanie: oh, dear god that's what happens with the gun people. you don't know what you're talking about. >> it's not a 30 caliber it's a 223, everybody knows that. stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:01 am
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7:02 am
stephanie: hello hour number two. ar arery bedroom man coming up. jacki sheckner. >> how does she think a teleprompter works? stephanie: he can't read and he's too dependent on the teleprompter. >> does she thinks it's a little man in his ear telling him what to say. >> no, that was george bush. stephanie: that was really stunning of you to have sussed out inconsistency in mary's argument. >> i think that's fascinating. in the same sentence, he doesn't know how to read and he's reliant on the teleprompter. stephanie: i wonder if she starts every sentence to her husband like that, you know what? pick up your socks. >> that man chose to marry her. stephanie: i have got to hear from mr. mary someday.
7:03 am
>> and yet you and i are single. stephanie: mary's got someone. jacki sheckner in the current news center. >> good morning. two departments running to fill john kerry's former seat in the senate are signing the same no super pac pledge that senator elizabeth warren and scott brown signed when running for office last year. representative steven lynch and ed mary are agreeing to discourage you said groups from campaigning on their behalf. while the agreement is neither legally binding nor enforceable it stipulates if a third party airs and ad in favor of one candidate, the candidate then has to pay half the cost of that ad to the opponent's charity of choice. they are encouraging any republicans to sign on to that agreement, as well. so far, two possible candidates have popped up on the republican side an gabriel gomez and dan winslow.
7:04 am
they need 2,000 signatures apiece to get on the ballot. the primary would be april 30, the special election june 25. harry reid has started the confirmation for chuck hagel. sixty votes are needed to avoid a filibuster. despite republican opposition, it looks like reid may get what he needs. others have said they will at least vote the end a filibuster. we are back after the break. stick around.
7:05 am
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net. >> yes be it do. this hour of the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by no feathers get sweet savings and take 5% off with cotton and wool bedding. shop today. stephanie: yeah, that's the only way to say i love to you mama on value len tines day is to buy something. how about sexy liberal, sexy liberal chicago april 13? megan in chicago the official alcoholic small time realtor. >> get in line, neurotic alcoholic. hello. stephanie: hello
7:09 am
glug glug glug. stephanie: when i heard you're in my neck of the woods na perform e of the woods naperville perhaps. i had to go to the chicago theater. i introduced you to her a week ago and have been playing second fiddle ever since. please introduce me to mary. [ applause ] >> sure. you know what...? stephanie: ok. all right. i thought we did a moment of dog bonding and then she went down her usual racist rat hole. >> you expected her to change? stephanie: i'm a hopeless romantic. >> on her final phone call.
7:10 am
stephanie: steph you're a lesbian with humans, but straight when it comes to dogs. i never thought of that, but i am technically in love with max and fred. someone sent me a cartoon with a vet and his dog. try not talking to him in that sickening voice and see in the vomiting continues. you know my favorite scary writer ari berman. he's very, very scary. hello, ari berman, how are you? >> happy valentine's day. stephanie: to you too. when i say scary, in a good way in a cautionary way you warn is on voting shenanigans. i think because of you it didn't work in this election, because you shaped a great big spotlight on it. >> i'll take all the credit, thank you. stephanie: all right. i enjoy you on the t.v. machine
7:11 am
in addition. you don't take a compliment well. look how shy you are. caller: i can only take one. stephanie: that was too much, now, ok. stephanie: so wow this latest piece, why are conservatives trying to destroy the voting act. in 2006, congress voted to authorize two provision of the voting act for another 25 years. yet, here we are right as you write, the by part search consensus that supported the evident has collapsed and conservatives challenging the law as never before. last november, three days before the election in which voter suppression played a starring role which the president talked about in the state of the union the supreme court agreed to hear a challenge of section five, compelling states with a history of racial discrimination in voting to clear regulations with the federal government. talk to us about this. i don't think people understand
7:12 am
what a big dealle this is. >> it's a very big deal. the voting rights act is the most important civil rights law ever passed and one of the most important laws ever passed by congress. it's a very consequential law that has impacted our society in all sorts of ways that people don't realize. the most important provision of the voting rights act is provision sect five which forces the states primarily in the sit to clear their voting pages with the federal government. it's the most powerful enforcement tool that the federal government has at least with rewards to parts of the country, the parts with the worst history of racial discrimination to try to stop the voter suppression efforts that we saw in 2012. the facts, for example that texas's voter i.d. law in texas redistricting plans not in effect right now is because of section five of the voting
7:13 am
rights act. what would happen is if conservatives were able to strike down this provision it would green light voter suppression everywhere, because once they can get writ of sect five, they'll take aim at other parts of it and start chipping away. the remedies to stop voter discrimination will become fewer and fewer. stephanie: martha mccolumn literally was saying what's the big deal, the 102 woman got to vote. what else does she have to do no literally, it's like a game of missing the point entirely, right, that, you know, the fact that a 102-year-old, that is why the president spotlighted it, right as if. >> yeah, and you know what? there's a lot we need to do to reform the electoral system, but we have to keep the existing laws that we have on the books. there's no way that we're going to get major electoral reform if
7:14 am
we kill the most important provision of the voting rights. we need to do a lot more. if anything, we need to expand the voting rights, given the scope of 21st century voting discrimination not to strike it down. stephanie: you write about that, voter suppression efforts have spread to wisconsin ohio, that's an argument for expanding it, not eliminating it. you write the current campaign resulted in a whiter, more southern conservative gop responding to demographic change by trying to suppress and increasingly diverse electorate. that seems to be their sole strategy right as opposed to any new ideas. >> it does. we thought there would be some rethink after the 2012 election, something the gop might get behind policies like immigration reform. it's possible they might but there is a powerful wing of the party that continues to push these voter suppression efforts continues to be very hostile to
7:15 am
any real attempts to respond to demographic change. if you look at states pushing to overturn section five, alaska, south carolina and texas you can't have it both ways, you're either for more people voting and participating in the political process or you're not. this is something that the chris christies of the world more reasonable have to really grapple with which is do they want to be thought of as the party that guts the voting rights act or thought of as the party that brings more people into the political process. the bush administration of all people thought about this in 2006 and said we don't want to be thought of as the people that killed the voting rights act. the bush administration and republicans in congress led the effort to reauthorize the act. it's been reauthorized four times. every one has been signed by a republican president. stephanie: i mean -- >> the fact that it could happen, we could overturn the
7:16 am
voting right acts when we have an african-american president during black history months is disturbing. stephanie: george bush apologized to the n ax acp for the southern strategy, the previous republican strategy. you're saying this is a new one a new southern strategy. >> people don't realize that obviously the bush administration did a lot of bad things with voting rights. after bush's reelection, his chair went across the country to naacp groups apologizing for the southern strategy. his idea was we need more blacks asians and hispanics into the republican party. then hurricane katrina happened, the president's standing plummeted, then obama was elected with 80% of the minority vote. the gop thought we can't win courting the minority vote, let's just suppress it instead? ari. >> i'll introduce all these new
7:17 am
voting restrictions now trying to kill the voting rights act. stephanie: after the 2010 election, they approved laws in more than a dozen states to restrict the right to vote requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote curtailing early voting, disenfranchising exfelons and mandating voter i.d.'s. talk to us about restricting. when you hear, john boehner saying american people voled for redistricting in the house. >> no, they didn't. it was the most powerful disenfranchising tool republicans had. democrats got more votes than republicans, but republicans have 33 more seats in congress. at a result, you look at for example, north carolina, north carolina democratic house got 51% of the vote. the republicans control seven of the 11 congressional districts there. what they're doing is grouping
7:18 am
basically all the minorities in the states and putting them into as do you districts as possible. this is how they're accomplishing this mass disenfranchisement. stephanie: you say black voters and elected officials have less influence in the south at any time since the civil rights era. >> exactly. there's more black elected officials now but they have less power because they're all serving the minority, because the republican party is essentially an all white party in the south and nationally, i might add and they're in the majority at least for the next decade because of redistricting. the democratic party is a multi-racial coalition in the south and elsewhere but they're in the minority because of the way these maps have been drawn. stephanie: you make a really good point, saying the kind of post racial society isn't anywhere on the horizon. we've all, you know, seen
7:19 am
blatant racist things about the president, but you were talking about following his reelection, white students yelled racial slurs. obama won 10% of the white vote in mississippi 15% in alabama. you say opponents of the d.r.a. argued the president no longer need special constitutional protections. then when you talk about these ugly attempts at voter suppression, you can't make that argument anymore can they? >> it's quite the opposite in fact that voter suppression efforts flourished after obama's election. this is when the gop started pushing these things most aggressively. throughout history the reconstruction period, minorities have had the loudest voice in the government, that's when voter suppression efforts have been the fiercist. if you look at states subject to section five, six of the nine states fully covered by section five primarily in the south passed new voting restrictions since the 2010 election, compared to one third of the
7:20 am
states that passed voting restrictions that aren't covered by section five. clearly the obamas, mississippis texass and virginias of the world are different in the cope of the world than the ohio, pennsylvania wisconsins. this isn't ancient history. it's such recent history the idea that we'd be talking about striking down the voting rights act is really puzzling. stephanie: absolutely, a great piece as always. equally as terrifying as your earlier work. >> i have a high bar to up to now. stephanie: very scary man, yet i adore you. thanks very much, always a pleasure. ari berman of the nation. >> we have a link to the article up on your facebook page. stephanie: check it out. i'm sure mary is already reading it, very concerned about that. >> you know what? stephanie: 19 minutes after the hour on the "stephanie miller show." >> for a good time, call now
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:25 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ stephanie: uh-huh. ok. you're just opportunity ting me on valentine's day. >> what? this is the perfect valentine's day song. that's it. it's about being shoved into the hedges in front of the y. [ laughter ] stephanie: bringing back my former pain. all right. 23 minutes after the hour. by the way kevin wants to know, he's married the chain smoking cafeteria woman from the
7:26 am
simpsons. i don't think so. kevin also says steph, let's hope the gun nuts are also not paramedics and e.m.t.'s. if they showed up at the scene of a shooting, the victim would bleed to death while they argued over the size of the ammunition. >> it's a thirty-ought-six. >> no, it's a nine-millimeter. >> how do we address violence in our society? how do we take meaningful steps to reduce that violence? as i've made clear for weeks when the senate, if the senate acts, we'll be happy to take a look at what they do. >> mumbling ] stephanie: he was pounding those bourbon and coax at the state of the union. >> people were saying those were paper stamps unfront of him that big silver set. i don't think it was. it was a tiny cocktail shaker.
7:27 am
i think they call it boston shaker. stephanie: at least they came prepared for their hydration needs, he and rubio. >> [ mumbling ] stephanie: southern bell lindsey graham. >> i don't believe the president has a debate. let's vote. let's find something we can agree on. stephanie: ok. i'll get back to him in a moment. the n.r.a., david keen. >> the president is trying to force things through before they've been ration ally debated. >> we shouldn't get emotional about six year olds being mowed down. emotionallal. you emotional liberals. you all ought to be shot. did i just say that? stephanie: southern belle lindsey graham. this really is, you know how we keep using the word unpress democraticked? it is unprecedented to
7:28 am
filibuster a cabinet position. never happened in our history ever. ♪ world news tonight music ] stephanie: i'll explain the whole thing. >> please do. stephanie: last week, john mccain was all elder states man-y. that was his policy last week. respecting the penalty's prerogative in making nominations role and advicing consent, blocking nomination is just not done. it's just not done. >> hmm ok. stephanie: now after saying just days ago they should not filibuster mccain said he hasn't made his mind up. he appears to be aligning himself with his closest little buddy, lindsey graham. they are so gilligan and the captain, those two. who had been demanding more
7:29 am
information on benghazi, which he has nothing to do with. >> they're more like thurston h. oh well and lovie. stephanie: benghazi is cat nip to the tea baggers and he's trying to keep him from getting primary challenged in 2014. that's what that's about. >> huh? >> how did your little plan go to get susan rice? how did that go? [ laughter ] stephanie: that blowed up real good. >> let me just say benghazi, benghazi benghazi. >> this is the first time in the history of our country that a presidential nominee for secretary of defense has been dill busted. what a shame. >> oh, he sounded so angry. stephanie: well, for harry reid.
7:30 am
>> i'm sorry you had to hear me this way. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. stephanie: donna in indianapolis, hi. caller: i love you guys so much. stephanie: thank you. caller: anyway, i was calling about the republicans the way they are running the country's business. stephanie: yeah. caller: it's like to me treasonous, because they are trying to ruin obama's presidency so badly that they are just going to take the country down. they've been doing this. they didn't want him reelected. now they just want the presidency to be failed but they're ruining the country. caller: you didn't just nice, right? [ laughter ] caller: no no, but you know what stephanie it's like ok, the -- and you i watch your show all the time and everything, and it's liking oh, the country is behind him. they don't care what's best for the country. if you want to take your own personal finances and mess yourself up, they're like --
7:31 am
stephanie: didn't it kill you watching the republicans trying to clap politely. ok for that good idea that everybody wants in america. we can't have that because of us. [ bell dings ] stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ >> valentine's day always makes
7:36 am
me think of my best girlfriend. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she had the biggest buck teeth i ever saw. the first time she kissed me, she kissed me and plucked my eyebrows at the same time. stephanie: fabricated holiday designed to make single people feel bad. 38 minutes after the hour. bitter party one very bitter. very, very bitter. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> by the time i got to the fave grade, i was bitter. very very bitter, a bitter, bitter person. stephanie: yeah, ok. let's go toucan in albuquerque. hi karen. caller: hi! stephanie: hello. caller: happy valentine's day. stephanie: you too. caller: i had the nook and downloaded the constitution because i thought someday i
7:37 am
might need this. i've been looking at the second amendment, and it occurs to me that it was ratified december 15, 1791. stephanie: right. caller: and it says a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state and the right of the people to keep and bear arms alcohol not be infringed. now in 1791, those men who wrote the constitution could not possibly have imagined a world in which you did not have to go out and shoot your dinner. stephanie: right. caller: they could not possibly have imagined that you could go down to the grocery store and buy your food. stephanie: yes absolutely. and by the way i have a copy of the constitution in my purse, i can out-geek you. very politically geeky. >> the second amendment is as dated as the third. it could use revising.
7:38 am
stephanie: a little brushing up. >> we had prohibition for a while. stephanie: god bless america for that amendment. yikes. jim, gerald is a right winger who stumbled across our show and doesn't they we have enough people on to talk about gun rights. hello, gerald, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. stephanie: gerald from simi valley. caller: hi how are you? stephanie: good. caller: i'm on the opposite side of the gun issue. stephanie: ok. caller: the reason is only one side is being spoken about and that's how many deaths there are, and the deaths of sad between 11,000 and 15,000 people a year killed by guns. in that statistic there are justifiable shootings there are homicides, there are suicides and there's police shootings but nobody ever mentions that there's 2.4 million people a year that are able to and have saved themselves from great
7:39 am
bodily harm or injury by use of a gun. stephanie: that is not -- you know what, gerald, i have heard people tossing that statistic around. i do not believe that is provable. i know people on the gun side like to say a huge percentage of justifiable, but those are not the statistics i have seen from any study. you are 43 times more likely, that is one study that i don't believe i've heard anybody refute that is reasonable on this issue, 43 more times likely to kill an quaintance or loved one. caller: stephanie and i breathe your comment on that. if you google f.b.i. statistics. stephanie: uh-huh. caller: on this issue the f.b.i. statistics are the ones that state 2.4 million people a year have saved themselves. stephanie: let jim ask a question. >> are those people who feel threatened like trayvon martin,
7:40 am
he stood his ground according to florida law. are those people who felt threatened or actually were. caller: when the f.b.i. states a broad number and it's never addressed by the left. stephanie: nobody is trying to keep people from having guns in self defense. that's a false issue. we're talking about background checks about reasonable gun measures that most americans are for. we're just talking about whether it's high capacity clips or assault rifles or just simple background checks. that's not taking away your right to defend yourself. caller: no, but the portrayal and one of the things i find offensive is you're calling people gun nuts. stephanie: some people are. i'm not calling -- i mean, you know, gabrielle giffords and her husband are gun owners and believers in the second amendment. i'm not calling them gun nuts. caller: i'm saying it's the
7:41 am
terminology used. stephanie: wane lapierre is a gun nut. caller: i'm not a gun nut. stephanie: i didn't say you are. i didn't say every owner is a gun nut. caller: but the opposite side isn't ever placed. there is 195,000 people a year that die from medical malpractice. where is the outcry. stephanie: well, this is outcry about that, as well. thanks for calling. >> apples and oranges. stephanie: which gun jen enthusiasts like to do. >> doctors don't deliberately kill people. they make mistakes. stephanie: there is this breaking news story about the blade runner guy oscar pistorius. there is word he thought his girlfriend was an intruder and shot her to oh death. >> and she was sneaking in to surprise him for valentine's day. >> the grandfather who killed the granddaughter. when you get a statistic, 43 times more likely to kill an acquaintance or a friend.
7:42 am
>> the things the f.b.i. are talking about people felt they were threatened. >> i'm getting tweets saying those f.b.i. statistics are coming from alex jones. >> oh! bureau of ya! >> so there's that. stephanie: i heard one right winger talking about they don't even count the number of people that it's prevented because they know they had a gun and they ran away because they brandished. there's no brandishing statistic. what about the crime being prevented because of the brandishing of guns. ok. we have a lot of provable statistics where people of killed. [ sighing ] stephanie: ok, ok. steven in chicago you're on the "stephanie miller show," welcome. that's a pretty small percentage. >> that's right. stephanie: of gun deaths.
7:43 am
yes. steven in chicago hello steven. caller: hello my dear, how are you today? first i want to wish you a happy valentine's day and support you in saying how grateful i am that you're getting up every day and doing work and alleges the other guys in the studio and producers. please tell jacki sheckner, i think she's adorable. she doesn't have to worry i'm gay. stephanie: thank you, thank you for supporting our right to go to bed at. >> stupid and go to bed at. >> crazy. will you be my valentine? >> i certainly will, absolutely, because i am single, as well. i'm coming to the chicago theater and i look forward to it very much. stephanie: april 18, tickets available at chicago theater go and get them. caller: there's so much to talk about. what i think is so incredibly
7:44 am
unbelievable to me is, you know, in terms of the idiocy, stubbornness and lack of awareness for the people we've hired to do the job in congress, they are so attached to their point of view that they've lost what it is to be a human being at some level and operate out of a common decency. i think that's the underlying issue, is we're not seeing each other for who we are and was politics presents a whole myriad of complications in which to do that, and the president and everybody who is operating within it has certain challenges to try to get their view across, but what i see is, and as far as maybe people are seeing it, but not talking about it, perhaps it's a little tattoo still yet
7:45 am
in their country is when you're watching some of these people, eric cantor, lindsey graham, rubio, what is their body saying to you what are their eyes saying to you. it's unbelievable to me that people are not picking up on wow, that's -- stephanie: as it turns you the oh, your body just shuts down when you tell too many lies. caller: i don't know. stephanie: as bodies do. >> the chat room brings up a good point. why would the f.b.i. keep statistics of prevented crimes? yeah. you can't. it's impossible. stephanie: right. >> my point in the stand your ground thing. was it an actual threat or did he feel threatened? >> that's impossible to predict. >> i would have died had i not shot that guy in the back. stephanie: the grandfather i thought it was an intruder, so i thought my granddaughter.
7:46 am
>> alex jones is a ridiculous nincompoop. stephanie: go to school and get licenses and pay for pal practice? great. thank you, caller. we'll take that under advicement. >> what about people who die in car crashes huh? how about that? stephanie: how come no one cares about that? we do. that's why we have cell phone and seatbelt laws. and insurance. hi mary. caller: hi, how are you? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i want to say hi to jim because my husband and i love marvin the martian and love his jim personation.
7:47 am
>> i declare this planet in the favor of mars. caller: what i wanted to talk about is tennessee's response to the gun problem is to push through a guns in trunks bill where if you have a carry permit, you must be allowed to have your gun in your car in the parking lot. now, i don't know who would be able to stop a bad guy with a gun if you have to run out of the parking lot and unlock your car. >> i've got a gun in the glove compartment, just wait 10 minutes. stephanie: hang on you wait there while i get a gun to shoot you. [ laughter ] stephanie: i think it's best guns in l.a. we have a lot of road rage. we should ban them. >> i'll get my gun as soon as i get out of the parking garage. stephanie: if everyone had a
7:48 am
gun, when somebody does that five lane change. >> that's why i have 50 caliber machine guns on the front of my car... in my mind. stephanie: i'm just saying some gun nuts, a little bit paranoid. the one woman was say that go her grandmother keeps a gun in her purse, because she's afraid when she comes out of the grocery store that someone's going to be hiding under her car and grab her ankles and pull her. >> under. stephanie: in which case, she probably still would not have time to get her gun out of her purse. >> does she keep a gun with her at all times at home in case there's a monster under her bed. stephanie: she maybe has watched monsters inc. too many times. >> or the clown doll that would pull her under her bed. we must not have a clown doll death! [ laughter ] stephanie: what about entities?
7:49 am
>> there could be entity. stephanie: can you shoot them? no, you need the -- in a box p.m. who says a gun won't help you? in this case, you'll just shoot your room full of holes. ask robert hershey. 47 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that >> announcer: fresh republican that outrage. ♪
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>> announcer: "stephanie miller show." stephanie: i'm like, do you know any girls? get out of my yard. [ laughter ] >> you've got romantic boys in your yard. stephanie: hand some fred. welcome to the "stephanie miller show." 52 minutes after the hour. happy freaking valentine's day. >> you know what? stephanie: you know what, happy stupid manufactured holiday. hello jeff in almeida. welcome. caller: hi, happy single people and losers day. stephanie: thank you. caller: yeah, so minimum wage, boehner the other day said that if we raise the minimum wage, you raise the price of something, you get less of it. this is a common fallacy that
7:55 am
progressives make almost as frequently as the other guys. the decision process that an employer makes when they decide to hire somebody is not the same kind of decision process that you and i make when say we're going to buy a car. when we're going to buy a car we say this is how much money we have, and we're going to try to get the most car for that money. stephanie: right. caller: so if the car's more expensive, we're going to have to get less car or less of whatever. but that's not what happens when you decide you want to hire somebody. you hire somebody only when you need someone to help, then you go and say what kind of skills do i need and you find somebody with that skillset and pay them whatever you can arrange to pay them. the decision to hire comes first and how much it costs comes second as opposed to that budgeting kind of approach that
7:56 am
consumers take. the difference is, the difference is, that if i hire somebody, and i'm paying them however much, you know, in pay that i can take, i can build that into my price when i go sell my product. stephanie: yeah. caller: that's something that consumers don't do. we're the end user. >> exactly. as jay carney said, minimum wage has no adverse effect on employment. this is boehner. >> where are the jobs, why would we want to make it harder for small employers to hire people? [ mumbling ] >> it's outrageous. i can by bothle. stephanie: he got tangled up in a little too many barben and coax. what had happens when you take away the first couple of runs on the economic ladder? you make it harder for people to get on the ladder and help them
7:57 am
climb that ladder so they can live the american dream. this makes it harder for them to acquire the skills in order to climb that ladder. >> of course, they can't afford a ladder. >> he made an analogy really, really hard to understand. >> if you stop at the top of the ladder, you don't have to climb the ladder. see how it works. stephanie: can't afford the ladder because of the president being a social -- because the president gives them that little handout. no matter, there's only socialist kenyan hands to help them up. who's with me? >> he made an easy analogy really, really difficult. >> it accounted be a ladder that is leaned against a building or an a-frame ladder with a shelf on it to put the paint on and that would cost more than $9. stephanie: the president has a step stool. what you really need is a tree
7:58 am
trimming ladder. >> put a step stool together. those are like -- stephanie: president is trying to get you crappy stools and free meatballs. i'm trying get you a ladder. >> i just want a ladder that people can climb on. wow, we rifted on that one. stephanie: you get stuck on a drunken ladder analogy in a bar. all right the boehner. >> the president said more of the same, higher taxes and stimulus spending. just as disappoint, we're weeks away from the penalty's sequester and he laid out no plan to eliminate the sequester and the harm that will come back of it. >> the president's sequester? who wanted it. stephanie: it was actually paul ryan. >> paul ryan sponsored the bill. it's a munster sequester.
7:59 am
>> isn't that wonderful with eddie! >> i won't go! i won't, i won't i won't! stephanie: all right budget munster. also too many s words in a row for that much bourbon. >> the cost of spending. sequester. it's a ladder. stephanie: oh, no, not the ladder again. oh god really? david in toronto you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, david. caller: hi there. the the caller, the gun control guy really changed my mind. i had no idea that without guns in our society we would have an additional 2.4 million people die every year without guns. i had no idea about that. stephanie: yes that's because it's completely untrue, but yes. caller: the reason i called -- stephanie: by the way the official f.b.i. statistics, 151 justifiable homicides a year, compared to thousand thousand us and thousands of homicides and
8:00 am
suicides, whatever. caller: the reason i'm calling is just about the filibuster again about hagel. maybe you guys can answer this question, but didn't harry reid come up with a plan to avoid filibusters? shouldn't that have occurred in this situation? >> you would think. stephanie: we never would have dreamed. i never would have dreamed republicans would have behaved this way. 58 after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:01 am
8:02 am
stephanie: hello, hour number three, t.v. world. jacki sheckner, listen to one of our listeners to sus out a con none drum, that i am gay but straight with dogs, you straight in person, but awfully gay with that cat of yours. >> i am gay with my cat. stephanie: i'm sorry fill in your own. all right don't say anything, jim. >> she's adorable. she's been with me for 14 years. shed traveled with me through very many states. she's gorgeous. she that beautiful woman syndrome. stephanie: you are a giant cat lez, you really are. [ laughter ] stephanie: here she is in the current news center, jacki sheckner. >> nobody went for the obvious joke there. stephanie: we did not. >> it was all there. >> good morning everybody. the obama administration is
8:03 am
pushing back in a new nra video that accuses the white house of planning to take away your guns. the video posted on line before the state of the union claims the justice department memo calls for mandatory registration and confiscating. >> universal background checks will not work without requiring national gun registration. still think president obama's proposals sound reasonable? >> yes. the justice department says sure, there is a document, but it's nothing official and nothing in it was used to craft the president's gun safety plans. in fact, the d.o.j. says it was just rae search and it didn't go anywhere except into an n.r.a. ad. >> a new dallas poll shows two thirds of american support cutting back mail service to five days a week and reducing the number of days the post office is open. the postmaster general wants
8:04 am
saturday service to end claiming that that will save the uspa $2 billion a year. both congress and members of the postal union are fighting the plan. the rise of email and congressional mandate that the postal service prepay retiree's holt benefits are causing them to lose money. a popular solution is raising the price of stamps. 57% of people are against that. we're back with more show for you on this valentine's day. stay with us. ♪ >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him.
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>> this our brought to you by british police uniforms l.a. stephanie: thank you. greg tweets that to those of us single losers on valentine's day, even honey boo boo's mother has a boyfriend. >> that's true. she's the one that looks like a thumb, a thumb with teeth. stephanie: you know what? screw you. on behalf of me and mary. oh that was a valentine's day
8:09 am
gift wasn't it, mary's call earlier today. ♪ ♪ stephanie: i tried again to get her to go gay for me. no go. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:10 am
stephanie: as mary said right after that, tell him to shove it. >> he can shove his 60's flute. stephanie: imagine mr. valentine's getting a road flare. >> a muttful of that. stephanie: do we think road flares or unfiltered com else? stephanie: mikey from chicago. >> you think twice wasn't enough chicago? "stephanie miller show" is making a return visit to the chicago theater on april 13th. >> filthy mouths and bad toots. >> john fugelsang hall sparks and catholic girl gone wild, stephanie miller as they reunite for another night of inspired
8:11 am
comedy. >> we're putting the band back together. >> we're on a mission from god. >> tickets are available at come see the tour that sparked it's own come tory. more fun than a bag of vipers. at the chicago theater on april 13. >> who had can argue with that? >> sweet home chicago is about to get more sugar from mama. ♪ he sweet home chicago note. ♪ >> let's get those vipers. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] stephanie: tickets to chicago sexy liberal today. it's a valentine's for me. >> ok. stephanie: do it, do it, buy it! [ applause ] stephanie: i'm just saying it's an awesome date, pain maybe even a road trip involved.
8:12 am
jason in -- a little love letter for all of us, hey steph i want to say how much i enjoy your show. love jim and chris. i love the impression of john mccain. it's not the policy here. >> not the policy. stephanie: so funny. just want to ask you what you think if the republicans had invited a dixie chick to the state of the union. >> i can't believe they let ted new gent come. stephanie: 2001 tweeted the pope patron saint of quitting early on sarah palin's site.
8:13 am
>> is that one of those internet site? like 10,000 spoons causing more deaths than guns. stephanie: how about people that get killed by 10,000 spoons. why aren't we outlawing spoons? ok. i was just trying to find somebody that might be having a worst day than me on valentine's day, on a manufactured holiday. don't you hate it when the meth lab blows up in your port a potty? i do. a meth lab was found on a golf course in oklahoma. three bottles were there, two exploded before police arrived. >> clean up on aisle seven. stephanie: might have been having a really good round and then a meth lab exploded up our arse. >> there's some shrapnel in
8:14 am
that. stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. t.j. in las vegas. welcome. caller: hi, there steph. i wanted to say i too am gay with doggies. i was wanting to call about the guy talking about the fact that he got very upset when you talked about gun nuts and thought you were talking about him. i own a gun and never considered that you were talking about me. stephanie: of course not. caller: i'm also from las vegas and i know you have a problem with vegas and losing money and i have to tell you as a bartender. stephanie: i'm just kind of a woof. caller: if you go to the right bar here, sweety, you won't feel a thing. >> where's your bar. caller: am i allowed to say it?
8:15 am
silverton. stephanie: i just don't have a stomach for gambling. caller: we'll get you through it. harry reid is kind of like one of those old time, you know, democrats where he really wants to cross the aisle and tried really hard to get an agreement on the filibuster, and i think now that they walk up to him and shook his hand and looked him in the face and lied to him he's going to get it fixed. let's all hope. stephanie: thanks for calling from vegas. baby vegas. >> baby,vasion. >> you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. stephanie: you never know, i might find somebody hood like to go to vegas to me and get married. >> your kind of marriage isn't legal there yet. stephanie: my kind of marriage. [ laughter ] stephanie: only free spirits can
8:16 am
go get married for 47 hours but i can't. >> nope. not at all. stephanie: i want to go to the elvis chapel, who's with me? did you see marco rubio said the water bottle moment is a message from god. it's true, he does not want you to be president clearly. [ bell dings ] >> it's a message that you should have hydrated before you spoke. >> i needed water. god has a funny way of reminding us we're human. stephanie: ok, let's go to ian in chicago you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi. caller: hello mama, i had a comment about the gun rights person who called earlier. i don't know if it was you or him commenting on the brandishing issue. stephanie: yes, how many deaths are prevented by brandishing.
8:17 am
>> i am not a gun owner or user, but if i had a gun and i saw somebody brandishing a firearm at me, my first reaction if i had a gun would be to shoot them. stephanie: right. caller: because he's showing it as a weapon. stephanie: right, how many brandishments gone wrong have there been. anyone in the history of your life say what did you do this weekend? oh, i brandished a gun at someone who ran away. >> by the way, sarah palin's birthday is september 11th. stephanie: that was our joke about when they say the popey changey thing. and then the daily show thought of the same thing the same night. >> just like when they've had mitch mcconnell as a turtle. >> thanks for listening. stephanie: thanks for the check. ok. [ laughter ] >> a friend used to write for
8:18 am
letterman. said we stole all the time. we're on deadline. stephanie: exactly. >> you know what, we put together three hours a day. they only put together 23 minutes. stephanie: it's put together with chewing gum and possible asking sticks and no writers of any kind. we're helpers, even though i'm a big single loser on valentine's day doesn't mean yes want my right wingers to be happy. >> i created tea party harmony. we're the only sight with the patented dimensions of douche bagery. >> it was just boom. >> we both know obama was born in has wry. >> i don't like taxes. >> i'm afraid of brown people. >> tea party harmony. >> don't tread on me. >> i found out he kind of likes it. >> find that person who's going to love you for the gun-toting, tea party nut you really are.
8:19 am
it all starts with your socio pattic personality profile. review four wing nuts for free at tea party stephanie: yay. [ applause ] >> a good article about mark rubio, his supposed savior status -- save it for later. stephanie: 17 minutes after the hour. right back on the tomasky. >> announcer: making right wing wackos everywhere hurl. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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to those he led he was a savior to others, the devil himself. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller.
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♪ ♪ >> i don't see you with barry white. stephanie: 22 minutes after the hour. he's my type, handsome and romantic. >> really? stephanie: he's sexy. speaking of which mary called back to talk to t-bone to tell us that she does not smoke it's the president who motion. you know what? and also she wants us to know this had mary fun fact that she and her husband had their very first date 30 the two years ago today. [ applause ] >> that's adorable. stephanie: say hello to her if you see her and her husband and her scotty skipping down the sidewalk. that's what she says they're doing for valentine's day. she doesn't seem like a skipper to me.% >> i can't picture her skipping
8:25 am
down addison, i really can't. stephanie: gun facts. you remember that guy jim, the hello. i'd like you to listen to both sides. i notice you never have gun proponents on. except for every day. both kind. ok this is from. [ mumbling ] >> from the c.b.c.30000 gun deaths a year, in a thousand are suicide, more than half of all suicides committed by guns. 30,000, 12,000 to 18,000 not much left over for anything else. those are 100 to 200 gun deaths in self defense assuming that the shooter would have been killed if he or she had not killed the other guy first
8:26 am
30,000 in cent victims. i think the trade-off is a bit out of balance. the murder and suicide problem they create is massive. i'm sure the gun enthusiasts agree now that you've pointed it out to them. >> withstand your ground laws, you are allowed to shoot anyone with suspicion. >> skittles and a can of pop you had it coming. stephanie: helicopter, i'm asking for helicopter. >> it doesn't say helicopter. stephanie: yes, it does. look at the camera. does that not say helicopter? [ laughter ] stephanie: calling too many audibles. >> i know. stephanie: what's her name, the gun nut that lawrence oh o'donnell disemboweled later.
8:27 am
she testified about her fictional situation that might happen. >> oh, right right with that what if spacialens came down with ray guns. stephanie: because every night at her house is zero dark 30. there's going to be multiple guys with assault weapons and children screaming in the background. >> i go back to the killer clown from poltergeist. >> you're going to need a taller bed. stephanie: when you have a home invasion that involves multiple people with military assault weapons, really? >> that happen on a weekly basis in your neighborhood? maybe you should move. stephanie: shies in missouri. you're on the "stephanie miller show," welcome. hi jim. hello, jim. caller: hey. stephanie: hello jim, go ahead. caller: can you hear me?
8:28 am
>> yes! caller: all right great. guys i love your show. i'll be real quick here. i think congress needs to read the constitution again and when they reeled the second amendment, they need to have an element or school english teacher there with them to show that they understand the right of the people to keep and bear arms i also dependent on having a well regulated militia. my answer to this is if you want to own a gun that's fine, but you need to be a member of the national guard reserve, and you need to be ready to be called up to deliver fema trailers to new jersey or shovel snow in boston. you want a gun you got to be in the military. >> people don't understand 18th century sentence structure. given these circumstances the rights to bear arms should not
8:29 am
be infringed. second amendment a -- stephanie: i am, more than anything, i am -- >> it just sounds, random sounds. stephanie: i am more like the founding fathers in i am very, very pro musket. we've gotten much, much lazier since then. the amount of people that will actually take the time to load their musket. we have like instantly gratification. by the time -- your grudge would wear off by the time you get that thing ready to go. >> i'm going to get you. stephanie: forget it. >> even then, you weren't likely to hit anything, because it was just a metal ball, no rifling no aerodynamic quality to the thing. stephanie: right rick, you're on the tomasky. caller: stephanie, how are you? stephanie: i'm good. go ahead. caller: first time caller on your show. i'm actually on the road with to chicago.
8:30 am
flipping through the channels, very interesting topic that you got here and i wanted to let you know that i'm a self proclaimed liberal, democratic in the city of chicago so trying to listen to you here, stephanie. stephanie: thank you. caller: so my first question to you, what is -- because i looked on your website real quick here. what is the definition of a liberal? stephanie: i think everybody's is different. go read the john f. kennedy quote if you have time about what it means to be a liberal. i'd say that sums it up pretty well. caller: that's exactly what i am and i am a policeman in the city of chicago. definitely under that definition, i have looked at it before, i'm a liberal without a doubt. stephanie: you're a liberal that believes in no gun control of any kind. caller: no gun control? well i do believe that there should be gun control. i actually think there should be narcotics control too, for
8:31 am
cocaine and heroin, do you? stephanie: you have 20 seconds for your point. caller: look at the city of chicago, you can go to every street corner and get drugs. stephanie: i am a cop that is in support of no gun control for any kind. >> laws are a waste of time. stephanie: hello, 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
8:32 am
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gift. it's not too early for you to choose a bong. [ laughter ] stephanie: a what? >> a bong! stephanie: for a marijuana cigarette? >> he's your county guy. stephanie: i'm constantly irritated by p.s.a.'s which are dated. stephanie: baked marijuana guy. for marijuana cigarettes. yeah. ok. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> several states have legalized marijuana. stephanie: so everyone can get baked. >> you can get marijuana on pretty much every corner in l.a. >> you can get your weed from loser town guy. stephanie: i'd like to know where to purchase some weed so i can get baked. >> how about a bong for
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valentine's day? >> announcer: stephanie mill are. >> now for that valentine's day gift, it's not too early for you to choose a bong! [ laughter ] stephanie: really random. ♪ world news tonight ♪ stephanie: just scalia had a thing with the guys. he couldn't make the state of the union. he said it has turned into a childish spectacle. i don't want to be there to lend dignity to it. >> you're going to lend dignity to it. stephanie: he wouldn't have. >> he lent more dignity by not being there. stephanie: once again just unprecedented. this is, you know, ok. and of course, his little sidekick, clarence thomas. >> whatever he said. >> justice whatever he said. stephanie: i was saying if you saw inside my rubio's speech the part where he was talking and not drinking, literally almost
8:38 am
word for word from romney on the campaign trail the exact same policies jay carney said i'd say one thing while the messenger may have changed the message was entirely consistent with the policy ideas of the mitt romney campaign last year and the american people did not support. >> oh it was verbatim. emits well be reading oh of a teleprompter. stephanie: he is according to time magazine, the savior of the republicans. >> that was a disappointment. stephanie: at least there's still bobby jindal. wait a minute! a new poll in louisiana show 37% of voters approve of jindal. >> he was the savior a couple of years ago. stephanie: he's an american and he can do anything. oh, god. >> in the end he looked lake a child, but can he be an
8:39 am
important politician? why are republicans acting like he is their savior, anyway. it's tough to be judged fair to the party and right write honestly about it's darth of new ideas. if i were a republican, i would be upset about him bunk the future. stephanie: thank you joan. of the entire republican party at this point, in the words of the i am mortal chris matthews or joe scarborough. >> sweet jesus. >> sweet jesus. [ laughter ] stephanie: is doing nothing an agenda or strategy? john boehner has a new strategy. not the ladder! don't start with the ladders again! that silly thing the ladder analogies about the minimum wage. he has a senate first strategy
8:40 am
in that he is going to do nothing. they spent two years talking about how senate democrats ignored all their crappy legislation they sent there. now it's let the senate act first on nearly everything. that's his new strategy. >> strategy. my strategy is do everything first, including getting out a ladder. stephanie: right. the reason the house isn't taking the lead on issues, they aren't priorities for the house republicans, so daily coast writing when the house republicans come up with a bill they think is a winner, they won't hesitate to act. something regarding kicking puppies or grandmothers they can get behind, they'll be all over that. [ applause ] >> or destroying. stephanie: pushing old ladies down stairs so they don't to have pay medicare. >> lobbing it when it helps their own families. stephanie: right. >> for those stinky little people who don't have ladders
8:41 am
they're. >>ed. stephanie: don is a right wing love muffin in new orleans. had i don. >> good evening or good morning, actually. calling because i am not a republican, you but i am a right wing conservative. stephanie: it's evening where you're calling from? caller: i work nights. it's morning but i work nights. two things first of all, one of the things you all were talking about is when was somebody with an ak47 going to break in your house. three weeks ago that's exactly what happened. the only reason a guy was able to defend his team, he had a firearm. stephanie: he had a drone. caller: no, he didn't have a drone. the second thing was this. the second amendment is not about protecting yourself. the second amendment is about protecting us, the citizens from a tyrannical government. stephanie: so you're going to fight the government's drones when they come for you with your rifle. caller: no but the more of us that have guns, it keeps the
8:42 am
government in check. you don't have to fight the government. stephanie: you really think the government's going to take over? really? caller: i don't, but the thing that keeps them in check. stephanie: but they would if you didn't have your rifle. ok. all right good, don, all right. >> that's a fantasy. >> that is when we had no standing army. we needed a militia so quell counter revolutions who didn't like the way the revolutionary war turned out. now we have the strongest military in the world by far and you having a gun is not going to make a damn built of difference. stephanie: well, you don't know that. that's what's stopping them, jim. >> right. the more people that have rifles, the more people can stop that nuclear warhead. if someone sets my house on fire. stephanie: that guys got a bush master, i'm screwed. >> then all my ammunition storage is going to explode. stephanie: it will be like that
8:43 am
scene in charlie's angels, make my missile do a u turn and hit me. >> did that really happen? >> yes! i just watched it last night. you know, gun nuts, can i say have an astonishing amount of anecdotal stories. >> yeah, like civil war reenactors. they're waiting for the tyrannical government to come up to their porch and try to take their guns away. stephanie: just happened the other night, four team guys, bush master a.k. -- i forget the name for tank. >> you can have a gun to defend yourself, your home and property. joe biden said get a shotgun. even the sound of it. stephanie: i have -- listen, i suggest this because i'm a helper jim all you need is my box. >> just the sound effect.
8:44 am
>> i'm good, sorry wrong house. >> but you're too spay with your box and you would press the wrong button. stephanie: not scooby doo! no! i have a -- >> i have a cuckoo clock. i'm not afraid to use it. i've got an orchestra. stephanie: i've got shemp in here. >> i've got a drum set. stephanie: i will poke you with both eyes. >> i've got to -- stephanie: i've got a studio audience in here. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> stop your bullets with the clapping. stephanie: got annoying singers. ♪ ♪ >> wife got the waitresses. [ laughter ] stephanie: they're my army, get out. [ laughter ] >> oh, we're silly. stephanie: heavens. t.c. in dallas you're object the "stephanie miller show." good morning. caller: good morning, how are
8:45 am
you? i discovered you guys about six months ago and you are great. stephanie: thank you. caller: i love you. before i make my point, i have something, is mary for real? stephanie: yes, sadly. caller: she's a real person? stephanie: yes indeed. >> boy i tell you she is something else. stephanie: she's plucky. caller: these guys who call you and say they are police officers. stephanie: it's amazing how many police officers call me. caller: these guys are not police officers. i don't believe it. i don't believe there's any police officer in america that would be running around saying that he hoped -- wished people had these big automatic weapons. there's no police officer in the world that would say that. stephanie: i am a cop and i certainly wish more people had automatic weapons with big magazines and cop killer bullets, because i like a challenge. caller: the point i want to make to you is this. i don't believe, you know, these
8:46 am
people that want to carry all these high powered weapons big magazines and all this stuff, i believe that these people are cowards. stephanie: yeah. caller: any man that says that he has to have a a.k.47, whatever they call those things, i'm a 23 year military man myself. i got one gun. it doesn't even have a clip. but anyway, i just don't understand. stephanie: well, how will you defend yourself against the nightly invasions of mull pell people with automatic weapons. caller: how do i defend myself? yeah. caller: lady i say this. i know my house inside. ok? you let any joker come into my house that's going to invade my house, hey, i have something in here that i can get him because he doesn't know the inside of my house, i do. stephanie: that's, you got the element of surprise and a nose whistle. [ laughter ] >> axes. >> by the way rod on twitter
8:47 am
says about that cop that just called, he said by his logic bill ayres was a patriot because he was protecting himself against a tyrannical government. stephanie: there you go, all right. ok, there you have it. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: she was abandoned by wolves and raised by republicans. it's the "stephanie miller show." [ male announcer ] start with a groundbreaking car. good. then invent an entirely new way to buy one. (vo) next, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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to those he led he was a savior to others, the devil himself. of all the hours in all his days, these are the ones you'll never forget. ♪ stephanie: all the single losers! happy valentine's day everybody. all the single losers. ♪ ♪ stephanie: yeah! ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ the if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> happy completely fabricated holiday to make people feel bad about themselves. the guy with the nose whistle is calling back. >> they told me to stay away from the wolf. they didn't listen to him. he was his own man. he knows the things that seem to be the most dangerous turn out to be the most fun. yes, sir, it was a good day for young peter. [ whistling ] [ applause ] stephanie: ok, awesome, thank you. >> hold on. stephanie: ok. >> are you a pedophile? [ laughter ] stephanie: barbara prom
8:53 am
massachusetts, hi, barbara. caller: hi, how are you? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i was watching a movie last night called just right. stephanie: that's my movie. caller: you were funny as hell. you made me laugh on you loud. stephanie: how do you enjoy my dominatrix scene? i wore that. >> that was 20 years ago. bone king is that that's a different thing. thank you, i appreciate it. caller: you're welcome. stephanie: what a treat me in a dominatrix outfit. >> one day i may come across your role. stephanie: suspecting of killing the dr. laura character for her time slot. >> doctor, laura doesn't have to get up as ass crack of down.
8:54 am
stephanie: ass o'clock. i like to scream the n. word a lot, too. she liked to do it, dr. laura. >> president obama, by the way the president in other he can't win news was said to use executive actions for the first three years of his presidency, hoping congress would, of course act like congress and take action on anything, buffeting a broken congress in which republicans can and will disrupt legislation, he used authority witch became obama hitler. now considering sten it up again to help struggling homeowners. congress won't help, but obama could law homeowners underwater to refinance those mortgages as
8:55 am
some haven't been able to do with their government backed loans. >> the climbs change deniers blah blah blah, where am i here? obama can take action. blah blah blah, lots of stuff he can do. the employment non-discrimination act. he can extend protection to gay government contractors. >> no other president used executive powers. >> senator chuck grassley said just because congress doesn't act doesn't mean the president has the right to act. >> what? yes, that's exactly what that means. stephanie: we don't have to do anything. >> just sit there and collect your money and health insurance. stephanie: suddenly got concerned he about the executive branch having too much power what barack obama got elected.
8:56 am
[ applause ] >> in case you haven't noticed he's black. stephanie: who hugh jackman's wife does not like it when you say he is guy. giant pile of muscle and side bushes he is the subject of a hollywood cover story saying miss gayness are synonymous with his role. stephanie: he admits rumors have taken a great toll especially on his wife. just recently, it bugs her. he is just warning you. >> is everybody gay? >> not in australia. the rule there, it is nonexistent. >> i just hate you and i hate your ass steak. stephanie: sexy liberal liberal
8:57 am
alec baldwin i still love him with the heat of a thousand white hot suns was sick in new york and stuck in traffic in d.c. he and his wife are pregnant. she took a test and at first he thought when she screamed she found another spider on the wall. she was with child. >> not with spider, no. stephanie: he sent me a bouquet of flowers. it was enormous. he is handsome and romantic. >> and rich. stephanie: and also, i think he knew he wasn't going to show up. here's a lovely bouquet of flowers. traffic is bad. i will try. teach martin, first time father at age 67. >> holy cow. stephanie: wow! there is some hope for me! >> you are no the -- stephanie: his wife is 41. >> you are not going to cough up a child you.
8:58 am
just aren't. stephanie: well, just like my dodge dart, trying start in the went are in buffalo. >> you are never, ever going to be with child. ever. stephanie: it could happen. >> it accounted not happen. stephanie: yes it could happen. speaking of peter malin liza minnelli's husband. she has revealed that hip surgery left her two inches shorter. she was 5'5", now 5'3". little tiny thing now. still my favorite part of the michael jackson coverage have on larry king. remember? >> uh-huh. stephanie: oh oh oh! >> do it, come on, do it. stephanie: oh, honey honey it's awful. honey! >> liza! >> let quincy jones talk. stephanie: it was never true, the allegations. >> and you were there. [ applause ]
8:59 am
stephanie: oh, boy, did you see this story the walker to know post corrected the story that sarah palin is joining al jazeera. >> that's not happening. [ laughter ] stephanie: i knew that was an unseemly headline. washington post, you are jokey. montana emergency alert systems hacked for zombie apocalypse. stephanie: taylor swift said she never chases boys. they don't like it. she said people love that angle on me, coming on too strong, i never chase boys. >> except she bought the house next to the kennedy compound when she was dating a kennedy which is a little creepy. hi, what are you doing? i bought the house next door. what y

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